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At Roberts Chiropractic, PLLC, we believe in using alternative methods to prescription pain medications when it comes to making you feel and perform better.


Because we address the root cause of the problem, there are many options for you to consider as part of your wellness plan.

Non-drug products for addressing pain issues

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Lots of amazing benefits available to our clients

“I have had many years of injuries from working with livestock. Dr. Roberts has kept me working. I had an injury which resulted in torn tendons in my shoulder. After a few months of treatment with Dr. Roberts, I was able to avoid surgery and return to work.”

– David L.

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Foot Levelers Erchonia RF Raider

The Aqualizer® is invaluable to every medical professional providing chronic migraine headache or back, neck, and shoulder pain relief. In up to 75 percent of these patients, the position of the jaw is either the trigger of pain symptoms or a major contributing factor.

The Aqualizer®

We carry natural ingredient pain relief alternatives such as: BioFreeze®, Sombra®, CryoDerm® (hot and cold), Tiger Balm®, T-Relief® tablets, and ointment Formula 303® for Muscle Spasm‚ Tension and Stress Relief.

Topical and Oral Analgesics

WristWand®  the non-surgical home therapy tool that helps to stretch, protect and relieve      pain from cumulative trauma disorder injury to hands, wrists, foreams and upper arms such as carpal tunnel, tennis elbow and golf elbow. Used by professionals for treatment of repetitive injury over-use. ie keyboard data entry, cash registers, musical instruments like piano and guitar and more.


Immunition Collagen® Collagen makes up about 65% of the protein in our bodies. It is the connective tissue for almost all of our bodies structures- major organs, bone, blood, skin, hair, muscles, joints, arteries, discs and more.  Aging causes collagen production to decrease in our bodies. Organic dysfunction caused by lifestyles, Injury and Trauma need new usable building blocks for new collagen to assist the body in improving overall health. Immunition Collagen® meets the 3 factors of collagen value that work with all the systems of the body at a cellular level. Bioavailability, the cellular level uptake-how much gets into the blood and arrive into the cells. Hydrolysis, how its made securing the integrity of the molecules and purity of the final product.   (Source, collagen from cattle raised in a organic natural environment.) See for more information.