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At our clinic, we offer cold laser therapy to bring relief to patients suffering from a variety of ailments.


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Boost the body’s ability to heal with cold laser therapy

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Benefits of cold laser therapy include:

Lots of good reasons to opt for cold laser therapy

  • Activates the body’s natural healing abilities

  • Cost effective

  • No medications

  • Painless, non-invasive treatment

  • Increases ability to heal wounds faster

  • Lessens swelling and throbbing sensations

  • Enhances blood circulation and tissue repair


Benefits:   The clinically proven benefits of low level laser therapy (3LT®

The clinically identified benefits of low level laser therapy are extensive and have proven to provide relief when all other modalities have failed. Altering the bioenergetics of a group of injured or damaged cells can provide cell stabilization and promote the production of important proteins, growth factors, and enhance biochemical mechanisms necessary for tissue repair. 3LT® has been proven to promote bone repair, wound healing, reduction of inflammation, and tendon/ligament repair. Although each application can seem drastically different, the need for energy and stimulation of basic molecules is the same. Low level laser therapy has been shown to stimulate osteoblast, fibroblast, stem cells, skin tissue, nervous tissue, immune cells and a wide assortment of other tissue structures and cells. Targeting these cells can promote the release of important molecules that support increased blood flow, collagen synthesis, cell recruitment, mineralization, skin cell replication, nerve tissue regeneration, reduction of scar tissue and heat tissue repair. Again, each advantage originates from the laser’s capability of influencing the energy production of cells, which is necessary to drive reactions to produce the outcomes mentioned above.


In addition, the promotion of specific pathways important for the production of proteins and cell growth and proliferation, low level laser therapy has been identified as an effective means to suppress harmful pathways that can lead to inflammation and even cell death. Most non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) attempt to suppress the mechanism responsible for producing a key immunologic molecule that promotes an inflammatory response and can further damage tissue and impede the rate of healing. Although NSAIDS have been used for many years and their effectiveness is well documented, a hefty list of side effects has been associated with NSAIDS, which can lead to serious digestive disorders. However, the same mechanism these medications and drugs attempt to suppress, low level laser therapy has been proven to suppress the same mechanism but on a local level and more importantly bypassing the digestive system. 3LT® over an injured or tender area can allow for a direct and safe way to reduce the inflammation experienced thereby reducing pain. Although it may sound easier to simply provide a NSAID for pain relief, the only capability they have is just that, reduce pain and inflammation. Symptomatic presentation of pain is only the superficial issue and the result of mild or serious tissue injury and 3LT® is the tool that can not only suppress inflammation and pain but also stimulate the aforementioned cells to address the underlying problem and promote a healing environment. Suppression of pain is important, but just as important is the healing of the injured tissue, and low level laser therapy has been proven to effectively promote both.

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